Not feeling a burden anymore and having a lightness to them.

Become more compassionate, conscious and feeling appreciated.

Their minds become sharper and their energy higher.

Their decision making becomes better.

Their identity is no longer in their job.

They work to live and feel less stressed.

They get promoted and earn more money.

They have a sense of purpose.

They get more quality time with loved ones and restore their relationships.

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Juan Placencia Principal,

Somos Hospitality Consulting and executive Chef
I was at a crossroads in my professional career, immobilized by uncertainty and fear of "making the wrong choices", I have been in this position before, but this time was very different and it became so difficult to move on. While working with Loubna, she gave me the knowledge and tools to help me refocus, reorganize and stay true to who I am as a professional and as a person. I always look forward to Dr. Loubna's coaching session where she creates a safe space where I could define my purpose, giving me the confidence to effectively map out my short and long term goals and stay on track. Loubna's business acumen offers perspectives and ideas which really helped me bring my professional career to new heights. Today, I no longer feel "stuck" and I find joy in tackling challenges in my career and in life, and THAT is my ultimate success. Thank you, Loubna!

“Before working with Loubna I was confused as to which strategy to use to look for a new job. I was trying to adapt myself to the jobs I was applying for and letting myself be defined by the industry I was working in. With Loubna, I realized that looking for a job is just the end result of a long process that starts with knowing yourself better and deeper, understanding your values, your competitive advantage and learning how to think outside the box. As a result of my work with Loubna, (1) I am enjoying a perspective change: from looking for opportunities that match my profile and current role in the industry to focusing on expressing my full potential as a person and a professional; (2) I am learning how to better describe my potential in a concise and convincing way; and (3) most importantly understanding that I cannot do it alone”.

Dr. Caroline Palavicino-Maggio,

PHD, Research Fellow, Cambridge, MA
Loubna is an amazing life and career coach. Working with her has been a life changer she led me to reach lengths and test limits beyond my comfort zone. She helped me find the next steps in my career. She has a strong incredible sense of how to engage with her clients to the extent of unraveling them to figure out what they want and their purpose in life. I was at a point where I was stuck and Loubna without any reservations or hesitations sat me down and helped me identify my values and purpose in life. We set goals, and with a calendar set deadlines. She held me accountable for these deadlines. I can honestly say that I have work/life balance that allows me to be productive in my career as well as being the best mom I can be. We worked on insecurities and communication skills. She enabled me to become confident in my own skin to the point that I was able to reach my dream job as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School!