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Get ready to be inspired to level up your career and unleash your full potential. Our clients work at Fortune 500 and leading institutions.

Career coaching session with Dr. Loubna Erraji


Daniela Koumides, MBA

"I knew I was destined for something else but didn't know what... I felt stuck & discouraged. Loubna put me on a path towards self-discovery to identify my true passion. Her program provided me with a lot of strength to persevere. As a result, I built more confidence and secured an amazing position in a new field within my current company."

Daniela felt she had been directed to go one way and was not sure if she was following her true passion. She also felt she was not fulfilling her full potential and had never tried to hone in where her strengths were.




Feeling more empowered and more in control of their career advancement.

Swiftly navigating the cultural challenges and the role of women in leadership roles.

Having a very clear picture of who they are, their core values, and what they bring to the table.

Increase and expand their professional network and gain more visibility and traction.

 Shifting their perspective and identifying what's important to them.

Having a sense of freedom and a clear plan to propel them forward.

Reconnecting with their self-worth, and feeling more valued and appreciated.

Gaining more clarity, keeping a positive mindset, and becoming sharper.

Able to articulate crisply their value proposition & positioning statement.

Focusing on all areas of life to create a better work-life balance.

Getting offers within or outside of their company and earning at least 20% more


career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Mari


Pharmaceutical Executive

"Loubna's coaching went beyond my expectations. She always asked thoughtful questions to trigger me to THINK beyond the way I was DESCRIBING MY SKILLS and experiences to date."  

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Yvette


Operations & Strategy Physician Executive

"When I connected with Loubna, I felt that I was in a race, constantly under pressure, overachieving, and not sure what my next steps should look like to keep growing in my executive role. 

With Loubna’s help, I was able to ALIGN MY VALUES and life’s GOALS with a renewed PASSION. I was a proponent of reading self-help books and was not aware of the IMPACT of EXECUTIVE COACHING until I started this journey, experienced it, and saw the TRANSFORMATION that resulted from our work together... Loubna provided a path I could easily follow. You don’t know what you don’t know until you experience it and that’s where transformation happens.”

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Leah


Design Management & Strategy Consultant

"Working with Loubna gave me the feeling of 'FREEDOM' and helped me propel forward. I have TOOLS I can use in moments when I feel blocked. I feel that every ounce of work I put into the program will easily DOUBLE!"


career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Stephen


Healthcare Executive

"Loubna helped me understand my STRENGTHS and liabilities and challenged me to reconcile my GOALS and aspirations. Working with Loubna helped me (1) put in place a laser-focused and PERSONALIZED PLAN that helped him identify a career path that almost immediately led to the PERFECT JOB opportunity."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Marisela


Global Business, Marketing & Media Strategy Leader

"Loubna helped me gain clarity; reconnect with my 'WHY' - my LIFE PURPOSE and the IMPACT I want to make in this world;  structure and plan my career roadmap. As a result (1) I have been applying the learning from the Mastermind and the Coaching Programs to further EMPOWER MY OWN TEAMS; (2) I am LEADING CHANGE and communicating with impact; (3) I am connecting in a more meaningful way with key stakeholders, and EXPANDING MY NETWORK strategically.”

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Julianne


Change Management & Diversity Professional

"Before working with Loubna, I was at the fork in the road. I thought I had to ‘simply accept what comes my way’ instead of ‘DESIGNING THE LIFE I ENVISIONED'. After working with Loubna, I have a framework to build a STRONG VALUE PROPOSITION, which enhanced my clarity about my strengths and capabilities."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Katia


Osteopath; Owner Vival Wellness Center

"Prior to working with Loubna, I was not sure about which decisions to make regarding my career. I felt overwhelmed, stuck, and thought that I needed to get another degree or certification to be successful. Loubna continuously coached me on the importance of keeping an open and POSITIVE MINDSET. I felt EMPOWERED after each of our coaching sessions."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Caroline


Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School

"Loubna is an amazing life and career coach. Working with her has been a LIFE-CHANGER. We worked on insecurities and COMMUNICATION skills and developed a strong VALUE PROPOSITION. She has an incredible sense of how to engage with her clients to the extent of unraveling them to figure out what they want in life.

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Lara


Executive Coach & Customer Services Expert

"A lack of confidence in how to BEST POSITION MYSELF in the marketplace had left me stagnant and feeling unsure about how to move forward. I needed a coach with experience in career growth but who was also hands-on in helping me to CREATE MOMENTUM and focus. Her persistence in making me stay on track with my assignments was exactly what I needed."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Juan


Owner, Somos Hospitality Consulting & Executive Chef

"I was at the crossroads in my professional career, immobilized by uncertainty and fear of making the wrong choices and it became so difficult to move on. Working with Loubna, helped me (1) gain the CONFIDENCE to effectively map out my short- and long-term GOALS and stay ON TRACK; (2) explore new perspectives and ideas which really helped me bring my professional career to new heights. Today, I no longer feel 'stuck' and I find JOY in tackling challenges in my career and in life, and THAT is my ultimate SUCCESS. Thank you, Loubna!”

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Edoardo


Global Project Management & Business Finance Professional

"With Loubna, I realized that looking for a job is just the end result of a long process that starts with KNOWING YOURSELF better and deeper, understanding your VALUES, your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, and learning how to think outside the box. As a result of my work with Loubna, (1) I am enjoying a PERSPECTIVE change: from looking for opportunities that match my profile and current role in the industry to focusing on expressing my FULL POTENTIAL as a person and a professional."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Aurore


Holistic Health Coach & Entrepreneur

"Before working with Loubna, I felt overwhelmed, all over the place, and I didn’t know where to get started. As a holistic wellness and fitness coach, and a Broadway artist, I was worried about taking my business to the next level, and not being successful during a pandemic.

Loubna helped me focus on my priorities, structure my business, and define more clearly my BRAND IDENTITY and message. As a result of our work together, I was able to EXPAND MY BUSINESS offering further, gain NEW CLIENTS, and SHIFT MY MINDSET to continuously keep a positive one."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Juan


Aeronautics Supplier Quality & Program Management Executive

"With Loubna's sessions, I have a very clear picture of who I am, my core values, and what I bring to my team, and my company.

I have the skills that can bring me to any position I want, as long as I put in the work and believe in myself.

She has given me the toolkit that has improved my mindset, my habits, daily life, and relationships.

As a result of my increased clarity & confidence, I was offered a great promotion within my current company."

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Edoardo


Dementia Journey Educator & Expert Trainer

“Working with Loubna helped me fully appreciate my talents, strengths and put my best foot forward during the job search process. I also learned to negotiate better and apply for positions that would fully develop my leadership potential. 

Prior to working with Loubna, the job search and interviewing process was very stressful! I knew I brought a lot of valuable skills to the table but felt a gap in communicating them to prospective employers. 

Through the ‘Unlock Your Dream Career’ program, I learned the importance of articulating my value proposition that crisply captures what distinguishes me from other candidates. The resume and LinkedIn profile tips were invaluable in presenting a cohesive and compelling story about my accomplishments, work history and professional skills and interests. 

I learned the importance of a positive mindset in navigating stressful situations at work. Your value proposition can help you to stay grounded in the positive mindset during challenging moments in the workplace. I highly recommend Dr. Loubna’s programs for professionals interested in fully realizing their potential and creating a fulfilling career that aligns with their passions and stretches them to be their best professional self. Thank you Loubna!”

career and executive coaching testimonial in new-jersey for loubna erraji by Aurore


Radiologist & Physician Executive

Working with Dr. Loubna Erraji helped me see things differently and reconnect with what was truly important to me. Loubna consistently pushed me to go back to my goals and connect with my vision. I started analyzing my life and my career from a different angle and looking at things more strategically. 

I had breakthroughs and things clicked! I was able to connect the dots and I can say that going through the coaching process was transformational.

As a result, I gained clarity about the next steps in my career and I recently secured an elite position as a musculoskeletal skeletal radiologist for my hometown NHL and NFL teams.

I know where I want to go and who I want to be, thanks to Loubna.

Clients who work with me end up :

  • Having a clear path to follow and not feeling stuck anymore.
  • Having a sharper mind and higher energy.
  • Making the decisions that serve them the best.
  • Their identity is no longer in their job.
  • Not feeling a burden anymore and having a lightness.
  • More conscious and feeling more appreciated.
  • They get promoted and earn more money.
  • They work to live and feel less stressed.
  • They take their business to next level and get more clients.
  • They have a better sense of purpose.
  • They get more quality time with loved ones and restore their relationships.


Loubna is fantastic. She has a unique way of bringing people together and making everyone feel comfortable. She takes a holistic approach to all discussions which flow seamlessly, incorporating both professional and personal topics for self-improvement. Loubna provides information and ideas on how to be more efficient through better habit building and time management/planning. In addition, in our group we share personal wins and challenges, and we offer support and encouragement to each other. I personally have discovered a great deal about myself through journaling and intention setting since working with Loubna and have formed relationships with people from all different professions.”

Becky L., Healthcare Executive

As a physician, it was a great experience joining Loubna’s group coaching program (four-week Mastermind program). Every week, I felt energized and committed to be more focused and productive. I recommend Loubna to anyone who wants to expand their career and explore new skills. Loubna’s powerful energy is so contagious!”

Dr. Nouhad R., Endocrinology Pediatrician

"I would like to commend Loubna for organizing and conducting a great four-week mini-program on having a positive mindset and building habits. The people I met during the 4 sessions were from different backgrounds and fields of expertise and it was wonderful to meet them and share our experiences and desire to “build new habits”. Breaking down the focus in 4 categories “Health/Wellness”, “Relationships”, “Emotions”, “Goals/ Purpose” helped me to improve my new habit-forming routines and understand where I needed to concentrate.  Also, I was introduced to meditation, something that I always wanted to try, but did not know how to approach it.  I find it very useful now, and will continue to explore it. Overall, great 4 weeks!  Loubna is a very engaging and knowledgeable coach and I look forward to participating in more programs in the future.”

Dan P., Management Consultant

Loubna, what a great 4-week program! I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. You opened a space of nurturing and growth and you created your very own community. Congratulations! Keep riding that wave of satisfaction and let us continue to be your fuel. You can always count on me to be in your corner.”

Juan P., Hospitality Consultant & Executive Chef