Listen to Dr. Loubna Erraji broadcast hosted by Close up radio

industry radiotalk Jul 01, 2021
Advancis Consulting
Listen to Dr. Loubna Erraji broadcast hosted by Close up radio

Dr. Loubna Erraji is an executive and career coach and founder of Advancis Consulting where she works with executives and entrepreneurs who are in career transition. Whether they are seeking a promotion, asking for a raise, taking their business to the next level, or improving productivity and building confidence, Dr. Erraji helps them figure out what they want to do next in their career and in their life.

People can advance and continue exploring their potential,” says Dr. Erraji. “I'm a big believer that life has more to it than just the career and the job. We work on changing the perspective. We work on defining what makes their heart sing. We’re looking at everything that's possible at the professional level and the personal level. When you adjust one area of your life, it can translate to different areas, such as health and wellness, finances, and social relationships.” 


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