The 3 Surprising Reasons Why Executives in Career Transition Need a Coach.

career advice Aug 03, 2021

Transitioning to a new position with additional responsibilities or with a new employer can be challenging for executives and experienced professionals since there are limited opportunities and stiff competition. To obtain a competitive advantage, and continue their reinvention and skill-building, an increasing number of executives are turning to career coaches. Many of the world's most successful corporate leaders use executive coaches and trainers. Executives can benefit from career coaching to help them identify the major appropriate next step in their career, and negotiate job transitions more swiftly and efficiently. Using a career coach also helps boost your competence, confidence, brand value, and, eventually, your work placement and long-term professional success.

When you plan to send out many copies of your resume and hope for a miracle, you'll rapidly learn that this isn't a viable method. It is not either a guarantee of success to only have the finest LinkedIn profile.

A great career coach will assist you in articulating your greatest potential and value proposition to a potential employer and developing a comprehensive job-hunting approach. This will help in finding the best potential organizations and your dream position.

Benefits of a career coach:

1. Minimize Time Towards Achieving Your Goals 

By assisting you in developing a complete job search plan, you can drastically minimize the time it takes to discover your dream employment. Often executives are confused about how to communicate the potential they can provide to a company and, how to properly position themselves.

2. Helps you Create a Career Vision

Your vision guides you! To put it in another way, whether you're going on a business trip or vacation, you wouldn't show up at the airport without knowing where you're going. Your destination influences the airline you fly with and, eventually, which terminal you land at. It's the same for you as you make a career change.

3. Developing Networking Skills

According to some experts, networking helped 70 percent of people land their current jobs. Others estimate it to be closer to 80% or even 85%. In either case, this is significant, especially for executives who should include a complete networking plan in their job hunt as one of the most critical steps they can take.

A qualified career coach can assist you in evaluating various prospects, developing networking strategies, building new contacts and relationships, and prioritizing those that will yield the best outcomes.


Dr. Loubna Erraji is a certified Executive and Career Coach who has helped hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs take their next career steps, get promotions and pay raises with confidence.


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