"The 5 Insider Secrets Our Executives use to Transition to Their Dream Career and Get Paid 20% or More."

(Without spending countless hours on job sites and sending hundreds of resumes.)

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On this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • step-by-step game plan any professional can use to find their dream career in months, rather than years, and finally get paid what they deserve, even if they have no idea where to start.

  • The REAL reason why simply applying for dozens of jobs that look good is NOT a great strategy for finding that perfect career ... And the much quicker (less stressful) method our clients use instead.

  • How the men and women we work with are getting 20%, 50%, or even 100% pay raises, without any hard-nosed negotiation tactics, or playing career politics.

  • What they're doing to wake up excited for the day ahead, no longer feeling like they're kicking their heels, working a job they don't like, just so they can pay the bills.

  • How they're getting the respect, recognition, and opportunities they KNOW they deserve but missed out on for years.

  • And, how we do ALL this, without skipping a paycheck, taking big risks, or starting all over again at the bottom.

Loubna Erraji, PhD, MBA, ACC

Dr. Loubna Erraji is a Certified Executive Coach and the Founder & CEO of Advancis Consulting, LLC.
She has helped hundreds of executives and  professionals from different industries take their career to the next level and get paid what they deserve while staying authentic and connected to their life purpose.